Dark Giraffe Marketing

taking travel marketing to new heights

Dark Giraffe Marketing is responsible for Sales and Marketing of hotels and lodges in Africa. On completion of his IMM Diploma in Marketing Management and MBA in Strategic Marketing over 20 years ago, Richard de la Rey launched Rare Earth Marketing in 1997.  In the years that followed he set up a portfolio of carefully selected hotels and lodges in Southern Africa. His focus was, and has always been, on the sales representation of these selected hotels and lodges.

In early 2018  Richard re-branded and launched Dark Giraffe Marketing and was privileged to be able to continue working with his existing portfolio of hotels and lodges.  With the launch of Dark Giraffe Marketing he was able to expand, and with this he entered into partnerships that now allow him to offer an increased selection of services.

Services Offered by Dark Giraffe Marketing

  • Sales representation for hotels and lodges
  • Marketing plans
  • Website development
  • Social Media development
  • Mobile App design and development
  • Creative design for email newsletters

What we can do for you

Richard is well know in the South African tourism industry with relationships that span back over 20 years. With these relationships and his years of experience, Dark Giraffe Marketing can assist with all aspects of sales and marketing to the tourism industry.  

If you require any further information please visit our Contact page and let us know how we can help you.